Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to Make S'mores

Have you ever made/tried S'mores before? S'mores have been a treat at campfires for generations and always leave everyone wanting "some more." It is a traditional nighttime campfire treat popular in the United States and Canada, consisting of a roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker.
- Gather around a warm campfire with friends or family.

- Break a graham cracker into two halves. Place one quarter of a chocolate bar on one half of a graham cracker.

- Stick one large marshmallow on the end of a wire or clean stick. An unwound wire hanger works well.

- Hold your marshmallow several inches over the hot embers of the fire.

- Rotate the wire as the marshmallow cooks, allowing the marshmallow to become lightly browned all over.

- Place the browned marshmallow on top of the graham cracker and chocolate.

- Place the other half of the graham cracker on top of the marshmallow, creating a sandwich.

- While firmly holding the two graham crackers together, pull the wire out of the marshmallow.

- Wait about 30 seconds for the warm marshmallow to melt the chocolate.

- Eat the s'more after allowing it to cool. You'll want some more - so return to step two.

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Sel said...

that looks fun.. thanks for sharing.. added ur link and follow your blog.

Eden said...

Nice kaayo ni Dhemz. enjoy gyud kaayo mga kids ani. Thanks for sharing

analou said...

Kalame daning s'more oi. Wala pako katilaw dani Dhemz but according to my husband its delicious. I will try it this summer....How are my friend?

Unknown said...

ah pahingi.. masarap yan.. merienda ko ngayon kutsinta na may niyog.. palit tayo.. hihi.

Chubskulit Rose said...

di pa, parang fattening ahihihi

Karen Chayne said...

ai mao diay ning smores! ako lang ni nabasahan sa subtitle sa salida nga toy story. unique sad diay kaayo ni nga pagkaon for kids sis nuh?

Witchie's Place said...

Ahhh, I can't imagine anyone NOT having one of these treats at least once in their lives. At every gathering at my sisters house, they make these sweet treats.

Alas, they're too sweet for my taste buds now that I'm older, but my 3 older kids still love them and my two toddlers honestly don't know what to make of them, lol!

Jimmy' said...

They are Sweet !!
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Enjoy it .....

Unknown said...

Never tried this one yet and have no plans of trying too heheh. Ako nlng kilawon ang marshmallow tsang. Hapit lng ko karon tsang. haay mana ato day off uy manic na sd ta ani.

Verna Luga said...

waaaa, social naman nito demcy.... hehehe... wa ma ni sa amung bukid ... diri napud ko laag.

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Sendo said...

try namo ni pagbalik namo ug Mount Talinis hehe