Friday, June 4, 2010

10 Superfoods for Stress Relief

Are you overwhelmed, overtired, and in desperate need of some mental and physical nourishment? What can you do beyond throwing in the towel and hiding under the covers? Thankfully, you can relieve stress by eating certain foods and avoiding others. There are many foods you can eat that will help with your stress levels.

This green veggie is high in folic acid, which can help stabilize your mood.

Even though beef often gets a bad rap, it's a great dinner option for a stressed-out family. Beef contains high levels of zinc, iron, and B vitamins, which are also known to help stabilize your mood.

Milk is high in antioxidants and vitamins B2 and B12, as well as protein and calcium. Have a bowl of whole-grain cereal and low-fat milk in the morning to start your day with a stress-fighting breakfast.

Cottage Cheese and Fruit
Cottage cheese is high in protein and calcium. Try mixing the cottage cheese with a fruit that is high in vitamin C like oranges. Vitamin C plays a role in fighting stress because it's an antioxidant that fights the free radicals that get released when you're stressed. These free radicals have been shown to cause cancer.

Are you ever looking for something you can really dig your teeth into when you're stressed? Try crunching on almonds to get some aggression out. A good source of Vitamin B2 and E, as well as magnesium and zinc, almonds are high in fat, but most of the fat is unsaturated.

Very rich in antioxidants, blueberries offer a high-fiber, low-calorie fruit option that is also rich in stress-fighting vitamin C.

A great lunch option, tuna is high in stress-fighting vitamins B6 and B12. Tuna is also a good low-fat protein source.

Cornflakes or Crispy Rice Cereal
Although they aren't low in sugar, cornflakes and crispy rice cereal are fortified with B vitamins and folic acid to help reduce stress. Have them for breakfast with milk.

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mommy Orkid Belle said...

Those are some good food. :) Great for stress relief alright. :) Bisita ko diria mommy Dhemz!

Lulu said...

mami ganahan ko ug almonds ... bisan dili ko stress mukaon ko... kaso ang price sa almonds makastress lol