Monday, June 21, 2010

Don’t Forget The Basics

Written by my friend Angela Tawson
Some people will install alarm devices this summer in an attempt to keep their children safe but will neglect other basic summer safety precautions. A home security alarm can protect your children from home intruders, but how will they be protected from dangerous strangers while on vacation? I am shocked at the number of unattended children that I encounter while shopping or strolling on the beach.
It only takes a few seconds for a child to get lost in an unfamiliar place, yet some parents take their eyes of their young ones for minutes at a time. While in public places it is essential for parents to have their eyes, and possibly, their hands on their children at all times. Do not trust your child to stay in one place while you consult a clerk, and don't expect him to keep up with you as you walk down the beach or through a crowded museum. Protect your child this summer by keeping him within eyesight at all times. If sharing child care with another person be sure that responsibilities are clear, so that one doesn't think the other is watching the child. Vacation time is a wonderful time of distractions from work, house hold chores,etc., but when vacationing with children do not be distracted from your responsibility of keeping them safe this summer!

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