Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gossip Girl

Posting by Melissa Mills
While it may seem that I shouldn’t still be watching teenage melodramas, I still do. Gossip Girl is one of my most guilty pleasures, and I tune in every week to catch the latest in the twisted web of lies, clothes and hookups. The story lines are not too unlike what I imagine Soap Opera story lines to be, but I’m still interested. The show is never boring and just when you think something has been figured out or finished, something new and outrageous happens to bring you right back in. Each story line has more than just twist and turns, they have dives and loops. There is no corniness as in other teenage dramas, instead these kids in New York live more interesting lives than most adults.
Other than the storylines, Gossip Girl has some of the most amazing clothes and fashions each week. I am in awe of the amazing fashion risks and beautiful pieces that each character flaunts on screen. Each character has their own unique and personal style that are all enviable in their own way. Between the clothes and the story line, there is no getting bored with Gossip Girl. Waiting to see what one character will wear is alone worth being an avid watcher. If this show wasn’t part of all the direct tv packages I don’t know what I would do!

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analou said...

I have seen even one episode of gossip girls but many of my friends like it...Maybe I will try to watch it someday.

By the way, thanks for the visit dhemz and have a wondeful monday night.