Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It’s Time to Watch Ice Hockey!

Post by Christopher Moreno
There are lots of games that provide thrill and action. Ice hockey is one of them. Ice hockey is one of the most-watched games in America. People love to watch this game because of it's fast pace, and extreme action. Each player of the team is selected purely by weight basis.
There are normally three weight categories in this game. Fighting is totally inevitable in any ice hockey match. Lots of times, players lose their tempers, and they begin to fight with each other. If you want to play ice hockey, then you have to follow all the rules and regulations of it properly.
You can choose any playing style for your team. If you have a good combination of slim and skinny players, your team will have more of a chance to win. I am a huge fan of ice hockey, and I love to watch it feverishly on my new TV, which I got by finding out how to get a satellite tv deal.
Watching ice hockey on your warm and comfortable bed is just a dream come true. My oldest son, Elvin, who is also a member of a college ice hockey team, loves to watch ice hockey on TV too. For me and my family, ice hockey is like our life, and we feel that our life is empty without it. It has really become an integral part of our lifestyle now. We are super fans.

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Lulu said...

solid fans of GP

Unknown said...

Mayao pa si kusina ng tahanan daghan opps. go go go savour