Monday, June 21, 2010

The Jonas Brothers

Big Thanks to Ashley Perman for this guest post!
As a mother of two daughters, I can't tell you how crazy my girls go when "The Jonas Brothers" comes up on television. While most children's programs can be boring to watch, I must say that I enjoy watching "The Jonas Brothers" with my two girls. We got an awesome satellite tv deal Wisconsin was offering and we are able to watch the show a lot more now.
”The Jonas Brothers" focuses on the lives of three boys who are musicians. In each episode, they are humorously presented with a problem or ordeal they must solve. In one episode, the boys wanted to play a part in a school play and had to figure out how to prepare effectively for the audition. I am impressed with the way this show instill the idea of "hard work" into the minds of children. My girls now work hard in whatever they do, so they can someday have lives like the Jonas Brothers. The Jonas Brothers are depicted as very successful, and they even have their own home on the show. I like the way this show motivates my girls to achieve their dreams, so maybe someday they can even own a cool "hangout" house like the Jonas Brothers!
As a parent, you will probably enjoy watching "The Jonas Brothers" with your kids. The guys on the show are so entertaining and funny, that I admit to understanding why my daughters have such huge crushes on them!

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