Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reality TV couldn’t be any less real

Guest post written by Emily Raye
Sadly, I think there’s more reality TV on television now than there is scripted TV series. I understand that reality TV is a lot of times easier and cheaper to make than regular TV shows, but enough is enough.
I can’t be the only person with reality TV exhaustion. Part of that is probably my own fault, buying into watching those shows. But when there’s so much reality programming and so little other material to watch it’s easy to do. Plus, the people that participate in these shows wouldn’t act like that in real life, hopefully. They know the cameras will only focus on them if they act outrageously so it will be must-see drama that will get lots of ratings.
Lately I’ve become so fed up with it that I’ve been using my Clearwire Internet to watch a lot of re-runs of TV shows and movies. I guess this is one positive result of reality TV overload. I’ve also become more open to watching independent films and other movies I’d otherwise wouldn’t have bothered watching before this overload.

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