Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kitchen Decorating Tips

Here is a list of suggestions for keeping your kitchen beautiful, as well as functional:

- I like to keep the top of the refrigerator clear. I do think, however, that a modest display of cookbooks can be quite attractive. Keeping them at arm's reach for the cook increases the likelihood of tasty treats making an appearance. Be sure to use bookends.

- Be creative with your glass display. For example, if you have glass panes on your cabinets, display some of the pretty ones on the second shelf and keep the "grab every day" on the bottom.

- If you have the space under a cabinet, you can install a rack that will enable you to hang your wineglasses.

- Consider changing the decorative items in your kitchen with the seasons. Those include tea towels, potholders, your aprons and some decorative items such as fake pumpkins at Halloween.

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