Monday, July 5, 2010

Personalized Drug Rehab Treatment

Are you in need of a drug rehab center? Maybe you know someone who does. This drug treatment center has a unique, holistic drug or alcohol 12-step program along with a custom-designed recovery program. It has professional and experienced caring staff, and gives each individual personal and group counseling.

You can participate in individualized treatment plans along with pain management and nutritional balanced meals. You should choose the Axis Residential Treatment program for their detoxification an alcohol rehab program. Their unique 12-step therapy will address the whole person, both mentally and physically. Their core services will include screening and assessment, detoxification, residential treatment, partial and intensive outpatient programming, individual and group counseling, intervention specialist support, family program and collaboration with the primary care physician. The great thing about this program is that it actually changes lives.

You can read the testimonials directly on their website. They have a full gym and personal training, hiking, yoga, and massage therapy. You can call them or submit your information on their website to have them call you. You can also follow them on facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. So if you are in need of a rehab center, you need to checkout Axis today.

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