Monday, July 19, 2010

Web Hosting Latest Trends, News & More!

If you are a webhosting fan, you should checkout the website which gives you up-to-date news, latest trends, and reviews on the best web hosting providers. They have all kinds of informative information concerning web hosting that you aren’t going to want to miss. They have a great article concerning the pros and cons of a dedicated server. One of the pros of a dedicated server, according to the article, is that you are receiving a server that is dedicated only to your website and not impacted by the actions of other unrelated websites. One of the cons the article discusses concerning dedicated hosting is the price. You can also read another article about protecting your domain ownership.

Coming up with a good name can sometimes be difficult. After you have a name that isn’t already taken, you will need to grab all variations of that name as well. One problem with leaving security in the hands of your web host is the possibility of someone stealing your domain. There are many other articles you are going to want to read such as “Hiring Freelancers to Develop Personalized Web Hosting Software”, “How to use Your control Panel to Generate Traffic”, and “Free merchant Accounts Vs. Paid Merchant Accounts”.

You can also subscript to their RSS and follow them on Twitter. So what are you waiting for? Before deciding on a web hosting company, you should checkout and read some of their interesting articles.

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