Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Thanks to Lemuel Craft
Out of the four seasons, Fall is my favorite. The weather starts to cool down and we can start opening our windows again. We get to marvel at the tree leaves changing color. Their is an anticipation of the upcoming holidays. And last but not least, my husband and I look forward to the start of Fall sports. No, not professional sports, I am talking about our son's Fall sport activities.
Although our son is only 7 years old, he has been participating in team sports since he was 4. He has two older sisters, who also participated in sports from 4 years old through their High School years. Sports has always been a major part of our lives.
My son has decided to play basketball this fall. Our typical Saturday will start with waking up early, eating a balanced breakfast and everyone getting dressed, our son in his uniform and my husband and I in our supporting team colors. The portable chairs, coolers, blankets (if needed), will be loaded into the car. We will then set our security choice alarm because we are optimistic that our son's team will win their first game and get to play again.
We don't talk about the game until we arrive at the gym or outdoor court. We then give our son a few words of advice such as, "do your best" or "we are proud of you" or "listen to the coach. Then we take our seats either on the bleachers or in our portable chairs. As my husband and I both sit down, we both sigh, as we look at each other and know how blessed we truly are.
Fall is a wonderful time of year, as I mentioned before the weather, the colors, etc., but more importantly the best part of Fall is to watch our son participate in sports. The pride we feel as we watch him learn, advance, grow and play as part of a team is an experience we will cherish forever.

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Hi! Dhemz...
I like fall too!...with the changing colours of the leaves and
temps cooling down...too!
What a very interesting post...
...Thanks, for sharing!
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