Friday, August 6, 2010

Celebrity Baby Pics are Big Money

It’s amazing what magazines will pay for pictures of celebrities’ babies. We have a huge fascination with our most popular celebrities, and almost everyone loves babies, so it’s pretty reasonable that we want to see those pictures as soon as we can. But, the price tags are pretty incredible. The publicity is great for the careers of mom and dad, and many parents boost their publicity even further by announcing that the money from the pictures is being donated to charity.
Take a look at the five most expensive sets of baby pics.
1. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s twins – When twins Vivienne and Knox were born in 2008, People paid a reported $14 million for the pictures of the two newborns. Pitt and Jolie have said that all the money went to their non-profit Jolie Pitt Foundation.
2. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s twins – J-Lo and hubby Marc Anthony received $5-6 million for pictures of twins Max and Emme – again from People.
3. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s daughter Shiloh – People paid just over $4 million for pics of baby Shiloh, born in Namibia. At the time, it was the record for celebrity baby pictures.
4. Matthew McConaughey – When McConaughey’s son Levi was born, Ok! Magazine paid he and partner Camila Alves $3 million for the first pictures. The pair donated the money to McConaughey’s nonprofit JK Livin foundation. When daughter Vida came along earlier this year, the couple released a photo to the media themselves, free of charge.
5. Fifth place in this race is a tie between Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Dannielynn Smith and the Jolie-Pitts’ (again) son Pax Thien. Both little ones garnered $2 million for the pictures. But neither of these were newborns. The photo spread of Dannielynn was with her father Larry Birkhead after Smith had died and it had been confirmed that Birkhead was indeed her father. Pax was adopted by Jolie, and subsequently by Pitt at the age of three. The couple received the money for the first pictures of Jolie and Pax after his adoption in 2007.
Other notable baby pic prices include:
· $1.5 million for Max Bratman’s pictures. Bratman is the son of Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman.
· $1.5 million for Honor Marie Warren’s baby pictures. She is the daughter of Jessica Alba and Cash Warren.
· $1 million for Maddie Briann Aldridge – the daughter of Jamie Lynn Spears
· $500,000 for pictures of Clay Aiken’s son Parker. But the real story here was that Aiken combined coming out with publishing baby pictures.
In one final interesting note: Earlier this year, one of People’s most successful magazine covers ever featured Sandra Bullock with newly adopted baby Louis. But, there is no information available about whether or not Bullock was paid for the pictures. I’m pretty sure if she was paid, baby Louis would have made the list.
The world is a funny place. Isn’t it pretty amazing that these babies make more for their first pictures than many people make in a lifetime! I guess you would say that they’re off to a pretty lucrative start!
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Wow..this is how they made for a photo only? My hair will turn all into grey but I can't make this much. Iba na talaga pag famous. No wonder many people will do anything just to be famous...Money nga ba naman....