Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Digital Connection

Thanks for the guest post by Lexi Mansure
Communicating across vast distances is easier today than ever before. My parents home is in the country, and satellite internet service allowed me to stay in contact with them while I was at college. My college experience was the first time I had lived in a city and several states away from home. Since I prefer email to phones,satellite internet service Kentucky was vital to staying in touch with my family.
Both my parents and I are avid computer users. Email is our prime means of communication. Beyond that, I also hooked up a web cam so we could communicate face to face. My parents are glad they found such great satellite internet prices so that they can use the internet all the time. The ability to see my family and friends, even from so far away, is truly a mark of the power of our digital age. Our digital technology makes the miles evaporate and helped me feel more secure my first time away from home. I was able to face college with fewer fears, and I escaped some of that dreaded loneliness that plagues many first year college students. This connection truly helped make my first year at college all the more bearable. It continues to help me stay in touch with the people I love back home. I enjoy being a child of the digital age: using technology to feel at home across the country.

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