Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dealing With Changes In Home Decoration

Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy
When I began decorating my home a few weeks ago, I anticipated plenty of physical obstacles along the way. I was prepared for long nights rearranging furniture, adding pictures, painting, and redesigning rooms to fit my new image for what my house should be. What I didn't anticipate was the emotional strain that decorating has on families. My children have had a particularly difficult time with the changes we've made. While I am excited about these changes, I know that for them this is a period of uncertainty and perhaps even a scary time.
It's for this reason that I tread cautiously when going through with an idea. I always make sure that my children are prepared for the changes ahead and have an active say in what stays or goes. We look at home decorating items and ideas on the Internet together using our directv CLEAR 4G internet bundles and come to an agreement about what we should do for a certain room. I give them the largest say about what colors and items go into their room. They have final say if they don't want something.
The emotional toll decorating has taken on my family is staggering, but as this project draws to a close we've found that we're closer now than ever before. None of us would go back and undo the changes we've made to the home. We're happy now.

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