Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Huge Project Runway Fan!

Posted by Arden Wallace

I cannot get enough of Project Runway. It starts out with several different designers who are all trying to come up with the best outfit based on the current weeks challenge. Every season brings new contestants, but Tim Gunn is always there to assist the designers with their ideas and help them determine whether or not a certain style is going to work. He is always saying, "make it work." Heidi Klum is the host of the show as well as one of the judges. Michael Kors and Nina Garcia are the other judges and each week, someone special is a guest judge. I cannot stand to miss any of the episodes, so I watch Project Runway on satellite tv I got from My favorite episodes center around the contestants making different dresses and outfits using items other than cloth. One week, they had a certain budget but could only shop inside a party store! It was amazing to see what they were able to come up with. In fact, I think I wouldn't mind wearing some of those clothes, right off the runway!

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