Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Making friends in Vegas

Guest post written by Mary Vincent

I guess you could say I'm a pretty friendly person. I just like to go through life striking up conversations instead of keeping to myself. That means that I've made friends in some really weird places like waiting rooms and even in Vegas casinos.
That's exactly what happened the last time I went to Las Vegas, which was a few weeks ago. I was in the cocktail lounge taking a break from playing the slots when I started chatting with some other ladies there. We talked about some really random things, which led me to talk about my trip to get some hearing tests in New York before I came on my trip. Then one of the other ladies said she had gone to miracle-ear Texas after her friend, who was the other lady, told her about her trip to miracle ear Louisville KY.
After that we started talking about our grandkids. I ended up adding the two ladies on Facebook and going to dinner with them the next night. We're all planning a trip back to Vegas together in the winter.

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