Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mold test kits

We used to live in California, but we moved here in Texas for personal reason. Even though we are no longer a California resident, but we still own a property over there. Since we can’t sell our condo at the moment, my husband and I decided to let the housing company manage our property. A year ago we did a few renovations on our condo. And we also hired a mold expert. Hiring that mold expert was a big mistake on our part because we spent hundreds of money just to hire him. I just realized that we could have bought a mold test kit online. One website I saw online that sells mold testing kit at a very affordable price is mmunolytics.com. ImmunoLytics is one of the country’s leading mycology laboratories. They serve doctors, environmental specialists, pharmacists and other professionals all over the country. Now I know where to get mold test kits next time. If you are looking for mold test, you should check out their website today. When you order their mold test kits, you will receive everything you need to take a clean sampling of two rooms. Additional tests can be added through the shopping cart to allow you to test as many rooms as you feel necessary.

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