Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Make a Creative Chandelier

I believe that chandelier lighting creates a unique look in any room and can be either very detailed or very simple. Looking through old treasures at home or at a local flea market can produce unlimited ideas for a chandelier. Just about anything can be used. See what you can come up with and make a chandelier out of it.
Gorgeous and Unique Copper and Crystal Colander Chandelier
How would you like to create your own chandelier?

Things You'll Need:
Large link chain
Large metal colander
Small S hooks
Chandelier light kit
Needle-nose pliers

- Drill a hole in the bottom of the metal colander for the light kit to fit into according to manufacturer's instructions.

- Insert the S hooks into the row of small holes that are under the top lip of the colander. Make sure the colander is upside down so that when the chain is attached, it is hanging down.

- Attach a length of chain to each S hook. The length of the chain can be any size. To adjust the size, pull a link apart with the needle-nose pliers, remove the desired amount and close the link back again by pressing the ends together with the needle-nose pliers.

- Close each S hook against the colander with the needle-nose pliers to hold the chain in place.

- Hang the new chandelier according to light kit instructions.

6 diner's comment:

mommy Orkid Belle said...

I was wanting to do this for the kitchen, but I bought the wicker basket so I went with it. This one is neat as well! :)

Adin B

Lulu Post said...

wahahah pag mahutdan ug kutsara and tinidor huwaman ang chandelier hehehe

Karen Chayne said...

wow! ka creative ba kaayo ani sis! haguy! di lang ni magsilbi sa amo kay kalingawan jud ni ni sydelle ug panguha ang mga spoon ug fork..waaaaaaaaaaah!

Junneth said...

Very creative! Mao jud pag nahurot na ang kutsara ug tinidor hulaman nato ang naa sa chandelier!

Cecile said...
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Lina Gustina said...'s so creative :)