Monday, December 27, 2010

Jacuzzi Tubs

My brother-in-law has a jacuzzi tub. He prefers a jacuzzi than a pool. I don’t blame him. I think owning a pool is quite a pain and not only that, the maintenance is expensive. If you want to enjoy better physical and mental health, you should consider the advantages of indulging in jacuzzi tubs. I read an article somewhere that a jacuzzi baths enable you to transition to a better state of mind and body. For instance, after a day at the office you need to quickly clean up by hopping into some water. Jacuzzi bath can actually help your health. I don’t mine getting one.

2 diner's comment:

Lulu Post said...

i love jacuzzis but santa didn't gave me one lol

eden said...

i agree with you Dhemz, ang maintenance kung naay pool kay mahala kaayo. before si hubby kay naay pool pero wala na ron kay lisud pag maintain.