Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Push-ups are a common component to any workout, as they can be performed by almost anyone, anywhere. If you understand how to do a variety of push-ups, you can tone other areas of the body besides just your arms.
Standard Push-up
There are three main types of push-ups. The standard push-up has the hand placement at shoulder width with all of your body weight on your toes and arms. As you perform the push-up, your nose should briefly touch the ground.

Tricep Push-up
This push-up has the hand placement underneath you, but your hands should be touching. Make a triangle shape with your fingers and thumbs. The tricep push-up works the shoulders more than the other types and is performed much like the first, the only difference being hand placement.

Wide Push-up
When performing a wide push-up, place your hands farther apart than your shoulder width. This push-up will help tone your chest muscles.

2 diner's comment:

Lulu Post said...

heheh uso ra ni push-up during CAT lol

Sean Grey Hanson said...

Push up is best for boys. Coz mostly girls do the sit ups only.