Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dial-up & DSL Internet Services

If you are looking for cheap dial up internet service, you should checkout They don't offer just dial-up Internet anymore, but they also offer many other services you might find useful. They also can help you with your dsl service. This company can also alert you while you are online when someone is trying to call. They can also block unwanted calls and zap telemarketers as well. They are the standard in dial up quality and can give you the customer service you should have from a dial-up internet service. They have been in business since 1997. They can give you the Coppernet DSL internet service which they now offer across the country. You will also get your free email accounts, or you can pay for an e-mail account for only $9.95 a year if you don't have their service. The benefit of a paid address, is that you will reduce your spam because spammers aren't familiar with the paid email accounts. This company can also help with backing up your hard drive. With IDrive, you can gain access to a 2BG of online backup for free anywhere. You can even upgrade to 150GB to help protect your files, photos, music and more.

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