Tuesday, January 18, 2011

eCycling Solutions

If you are looking to recycle in a responsible manner, you should checkout electronic recycling. This company can deliver innovative eCycling solutions that would be environmentally responsible. The company Round2 can give you vertical integrated solutions through the global re-marketing, electronics test and repair, product disassembly and commodity recycling. They have serviced over 500 clients by delivering ITA Asset Disposition, Electronics Recycling, and CRT Recycling. They can service commercial, industrial, municipal and governmental entities and do it all by being environmentally responsible. This company focuses on compliance, sustainability and value recovery. This companies facilities are fully secured and under constant surveillance with the latest in digital camera equipment. They also utilize walk-through and wand metal detectors. They can give you high volume and high mix capability. They are ISO Certified and have EOL services such as audit, test, repair, resale, recycle and reporting. They are data safe and have risk mitigation. This company is a trusted brand by delivering Integrated Technology Recovery Services to Fortune 1000 companies. So if you are looking for the best company on the market to deliver your electronics recycling solution and computer disposal, you need to checkout Round2 and see how they can help. You might as well hire the best company on the market.

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Lulu said...

ecycling is really a great idea