Sunday, January 23, 2011

Need Legal Advice?

There will be moments in a married couple's life that arguments and squabbles may lead to the husband, the wife or both to consider divorce. Other factors that need to be taken into consideration include spouse abuse, child abuse or infidelity (which may or may not have resulted in the birth of an illegitimate child or children). 
Thankfully, for couples living in Arizona, the state is considered a "no fault divorce state", which simply means that the court will grant the appeal for separation if it is the desire of either party. However, a Phoenix-based Divorce Lawyer will be needed to iron out other issues that accompany the dissolution of marriage, such as property distribution, child custody, and visitation and support rights. 
If you live in Arizona and are planning a divorce, you are in luck because based in the state are the dedicated and hardworking Arizona Family Attorneys of Gillespie, Shields & Durrant. 
This prestigious law firm has had twenty years of valuable experience in the various aspects of Family Law. These would include divorce, property division and settlements, spouse maintenance, child custody and child support. 
What makes Gillespie, Shields & Durrant stand out in comparison to other law firms is the sincerity and compassion that they accord their clients. Unlike other firms that force their clients to comply with their recommendations, the firm's attorneys listen to their clients, study and evaluate their situation, and work with them in order to attain a fair resolution and settlement. Also, the firm keeps in close touch with clients, with communication lines open 24/7. In this way, clients can make inquiries about the divorce process any time and lay their concerns to rest. 
While divorce may be an emotionally-charged undertaking, the attorneys of Gillespie, Shields & Durrant will stand by your side to oversee all aspects of the legal proceedings to ensure the best interests of their clients and their children. 
If you want to learn more about Gillespie, Shields & Durrant, you can check out their Profile on FindLaw. 

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