Monday, January 24, 2011

Picket Fence

I'm starting to get annoyed with our next next door neighbor. Why? Because she let her dogs poop everywhere. She has 3 dogs. Two dachshund and a rottweiler. These dogs are not even on leash sometimes. What annoys me is that they poop on our yard. Hubby said that it would be a great idea to put a gate on our house.
Classic Plastic White Picket Fence Garden Edging
Since we don't have enough budget for that at the moment, I thought of getting some picket fence at homedepot. 

6 diner's comment:

analou said...

That's what we felt also Dhemz when some dog owners do not picked their dog pooped in our lawn. We hated it because we always picked Bones pooped when we took him for a walk and we want other people to do the same.

Unknown said...

Ayayay, sus ug naa pay vetsin ato nana hiluan hehehe jok lng.

Na kami sd gani tsang pag balhin nmu diri ang iring sa silingan sa among backyard magkalibangan, si jose mag sge ug kalagot ky siya tig punit hhehee

Ingna ang silingan tsang, aguy dina mahimu ky kalood rba mag limpyo ug tae sa iro ewwww. hehehe maayo ug kay buddy ky naa si akesha tig limpyo hahha akesha mn jd, na hala pangural diha inahan, pagka kugihan. blogging, cook, teacher, karon tig koral sd aguy next6 time ani manananggot nata hehehe

Míriam Luiza said...

Alguns vizinhos não tem noção do transtorno que nos causa. O meu vizinha me irrita quando queima o lixo. Isso provoca muita fumaça de cheiro mal, fora o perigo de propagar o fogo. E a coleta de lixo passa todos os dias aqui na minha rua, não sendo necessário colocar fogo, é só embalar corretamente e colocar na calçada. Precisamos pedir sabedoria a Deus para lidar com esse tipo de vizinho.

Unknown said...

nice ang picket fence sa farmville, have a look, lol

eden said...

That's annoying dhemz. Our neighbor has a cat and sometimes it wander around our front yard and poo there.

Lina Gustina said...

Hope the trouble is solved now. The fence looks nice :)