Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Business Credit Cards

With the economy slowly picking up, one can't stop wondering if it's time to apply back to work or if it's better to start your own business (if you've lost a job or resigned). Some people say this is the perfect time to start on your own. As long as you have good credit standing, it's easy to apply for business credit cards to help start up your business.

Once you have the finances to set up, there's a lot of options to explore, from subcontracting physical jobs to online mobile and web development. This seems to be such a hit nowadays especially because mobile phones keep upgrading and changing. I just heard news last month that even a 14-year old created an application/game for the iPhone and it was a huge hit. Imagine how many downloaded it all for the cost of $1? I know he may not have profited big from it but he made money that easy. Makes me think what else I can do to earn me some too.

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