Sunday, February 20, 2011

Control Hiccups

Would you like to know how to control hiccups? Hiccups can be annoying, especially when you are in a meeting, on a date or just in a regular basis .
Hiccups are generated at the diaphragm, a thick muscle layer at the bottom of the lungs that helps us breath. Repetitive twitching in this muscle flap causes the vocal cords to close quickly, resulting in that funny sound associated with hiccups.
Here's a helpful tips on how to control hiccups:
- Take few deep breaths.
- Drink a full glass of water, avoid using soda.
- Chew a piece of candy.
- If these tricks do not work, keep a roomy paper bag in front of your nose and mouth and breath in and out into it. The idea is to breathe in same air that you exhaled. Do it for a few minutes. This technique builds up the carbon dioxide in your blood which may decrease the sensitivity of the vagus nerve in the brain, the one that supplies the muscular diaphragm. Do not suffocate your self.

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analou said...

Thanks for the info Dhemz. I have hiccups once in a while and this article is very helpful.