Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Earning a Passive Income

I have always wanted to have a source of passive income. Who does not want that? You don’t do anything yet you are earning somehow. Two of the sources I’m considering are Renting out a property, and investing on stocks.
Purchasing something and putting it for rent can require massive amount of money so maybe I can explore Stock Trading for the meantime. I am really new to this so I know there are lots to learn. Perhaps I can look for an Online Broker to help me get started or ask my brother-in-law who has a broad knowledge about stocks. I watched a movie before that showed how chaotic the stocks exchange scene can be. People are all glued on the board and as soon as something changes, people start to shout here and there. Maybe that scene triggered the invention of Mobile Trading, which I think is a very brilliant idea. Don't you think?
How about you, what passive income generating stream are you looking into?

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