Saturday, March 26, 2011

Where to Buy Lucentis

If you have been suffering from macular degeneration, you should buy Lucentis. This drug can help reduce blood leakage from blood vessels located behind the retina. This is an expensive medicine where an average cost is $1590 per dose. The average yearly expense can be over $19,000 which is why you would need to buy Generic Lucentis. After 15 to 20 years, a drug can be replicated by a manufacturer and legally sold as a generic drug. Usually when you purchase a generic drug, you would save quite a bit of money. The problem is that even the generic Lucentis is expensive. You can't buy cheap Lucentis at this point, but in the future you might be able to get a drug called Bevacizumab which has been shown to be effective against web macular degeneration. If you have good insurance, you might be able to obtain this drug with a co-payment of $150 or less. The problem is that this drug isn't approved by the FDA yet.

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