Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mosquito Bite Prevention

Mosquito bites are a common nuisance and they itch; but if you scratch them and break the skin, it is possible for the bites to become infected.
Here's some helpful tips on how to prevent infection from a mosquito bite.
- Clean the bite area with soap and water to remove dirt and germs.

- Avoid scratching the bite. Breaking the surface of the skin lets germs in and makes infection more likely.

-Try using a hydrocortisone cream or even an oral antihistamine if you need something to help stop the itch so you will not be tempted to scratch.

-Make sure that your fingernails are trimmed if you can't help scratching. This will help you avoid breaking the skin.

-Wash any infected areas regularly with soap and water and apply hot compresses to help heal the infection. Hydrogen peroxide solutions can help fight infections too.

3 diner's comment:

Karen Chayne said...

hi sis! musta na atong beauty diha? taud2x najud ko wala nakalaag sa imong mga blogs hehehe! unsaun busy pud ang beauty :)

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Getting sick due to a mosquito bite sure is not fun. I had a dengue fever when I was in grade school and nearly killed me. It was horrible! I spent my entire summer in the hospital and almost didn't make it to go back to school. I wasn't able to walk and I had to be in a wheelchair. Awful!

You can also plant lots of lemon grass in the yard since it is a natural mosquito repellent so as the basil. :) Plant them where you hang out a lot in your yard or even plant them in pots for mosquito repellent while spending time outside. :)


Adin B

Lulu Post said...

lami man kawuton ni mosquiteo bite oi heheheh