Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nutritionist blogs

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

There are so many different options for blog hosting out there, I wasn’t sure which one to chose fo my new nutrition blog. I knew I wanted it somewhere safe and I definitely didn’t want a long sub-domain type URL, so I found one that worked and quickly snapped it up!

I’m so excited to launch the site in just a few weeks! It’s going to feature information about different foods to eat and which ones to avoid, obviously, but also a lot of local content like times of farmers markets, new vegan restaurants and even healthy recipes that my readers can try at home. As a long time weight loss winner, I know how important the right tools can be in the hands of someone trying to get their weight under control. I’ve already amassed quite a following with my monthly newspaper column about nutrition, so I figured it was only natural to make the move to blogging soon. Hopefully my readers will find my tips useful and fun to read and at the same time feel encouraged to keep going!

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Unknown said...

Mao ning gabii bayot? ang email dili mn mao, ako suwayan sa gmail ug yahoo not working mn