Saturday, August 27, 2011

Electronic Cigarettes Anyone?

Some cigarette smokers have now shifted to using electronic cigarettes instead of the usual ones. Using an ecigarette allows them to have the same cigarette smoking experience without the additives or chemicals that tobacco has. It has also proven to be more convenient and cost effective. It does not have the usual smoke that other people may find offensive but only a vapour that disappears after a few seconds. Using an ecigarette has also allowed them to smoke in certain areas that are otherwise off limits to smokers. Electronic cigarettes can be bought online in starter kits ideal for those who will be using them for the first time. Separate cartridges can also be bought. These cartridges come in different flavours which they can choose to try out individually. They have the same flavour that guarantees the most realistic smoking experience. The starter kits also include a battery that allows longer e-cigarette use and quick charging time.

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ratatouille's archives said...

Hi! dhemz...
Unfortunately, I have family members that "smoke"...eww!
Therefore, I will be pointing them in the direction Of your links.
[postscript:I didn't know that the cigarette have different flavour.]
deedee ;-D

Anonymous said...

This something a favorable news for smokers! innovative

Unknown said...

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