Monday, August 1, 2011

Luxury Watches

There is no question about how effective celebrities are as product endorses. Most designers would choose to have famous celebrities to wear their creations since they know that they will be seen and imitated by the fans that follow these celebrities. It almost always happens that the day after a famous celebrity wears a gown the designer would get flooded by calls from fans inquiring about the gown he designed. Imitations of their designs are also released by those who know that there are consumers who cannot afford the original design.

An unknown product would instantly get recognition if they get a celebrity as a product endorser. Product sales would almost instantly increase. As long as the celebrity maintains a wholesome and respectable image, the product they endorse will also get a positive feedback. This is way we also see celebrities being tapped to endorse other products such as luxury watches and jewelry. You should check it out for details.

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Unknown said...

diri sa US mura mn wa uso ang watches tsang no, naa ko watch pero tapulan ko ug gamit. amo gamit ron tong wall clock imu hatag, salamat galore