Friday, September 16, 2011

Great rings to wear while cooking

Often times people have to take off their wedding rings to cook.  Especially people that have diamonds in their rings.  They don’t want food to get all over their ring.  This post is about the great options you have for a wedding ring to wear if you cook a lot.  The most popular are tungsten wedding bands, these rings now make up around 20 percent of the new ring market.  These are great to cook with because even with using a lot of different tools to cook with you won’t scratch them.  Another more pure white are palladium rings.  They are white and look a bunch like tungsten.
While there are a lot of other options for a ring you don’t have to take off while cooking the newest are cobalt chrome rings.  They look a lot like platinum but weigh less and are a lot more scratch resistant.  Then they price on them is much less too.  So overall just a great grab.  I have never meet someone that bought a chrome ring and was disappointed.  They wear so well and they never need to be polished again.  

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