Friday, January 6, 2012

Seeing what's in store for Nucky this season

Guest post written by Caroline Young
I thought that it was so funny when the show Boardwalk Empire came out and all of these critics predicted that Steve Buscemi as a character actor wouldn't be able to hold his own in the lead part of the show. Boy did he really blow them out of the water and treat them wrong. But then again, a lot of the times when critics feel that strongly about something, it will be strangely true.
Now all of these things about this coming season of Boardwalk Empire that I keep reading online with my wireless Internet Houston. I just hope that after he's gotten everyone's expectations up so high that he'll actually follow through with them. But judging from last season that probably wouldn't be hard at all for him to achieve.
I'm all about these super quick and easy projects that reflect well through shows like Boardwalk Empire. I think that I'm even going to throw a theme party for the first episode of the season. It might be a bit over the top but at least it will give me a great excuse to dress up even before Halloween.

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