Thursday, February 23, 2012


Cigar smokers have different reasons why they start collecting cigars. There are those who collect brands of cigars that they have tried. It reminds of them of labels that they have thoroughly enjoyed and would like to recommend to friends. There are those who want to collect every brand of cigars that are available in the market. Cigars come in different flavors, aroma, taste and sizes. They are also manufactured in different parts of the world.
If you want to start a cigar collection, decide which type of collection you want. You may want to choose cigars based on labels or themes. You may collect cigars with labels that have historical figures, pirates, or soldiers. You can also collect them according to the country that manufactures them. You can also create a collection according to brand names. Rocky Patel Cigars are some of the most sought after brands of cigars today. You might want to consider adding them to your collections.
If you want to profit from your cigar collection, you must do everything to complete them. Browse through online cigar auction site and look for cigars that will complete your collection. Visit auction venues and antique shops for hard to find brands of cigars. Shop at garage sales, discount stores and factory outlets because you'll never know just what you may find. There may be sellers who are willing to let go of their collection for a low price. Once you complete your collection, you can decide whether you can just keep them for yourself or sell them to cigar enthusiast for a higher price.
Since my dad's birthday is coming up, I am planning to give him a pack of cigars. He will be delighted when I give him one. I might have to check for Rocky Patel Cigars at

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