Monday, February 13, 2012

Facebook Covers

Social networking sites have become a common part of the everyday lives of active internet users. Millions of internet users have also become active users of these social networking sites. Facebook, one of the most popular social networking sites, have become for them a modern means of communication. What is considered as one of the biggest attractions of social networking sites is the fact that creating a personal account is free. They can communicate with any individual or groups, upload photos and videos, share notes and even play games for free. They can continue the relationships they have with people that they haven't interacted with for years such as old classmates or former officemates. They can also socialize with groups of people who have the same interests and even meet new friends. They can also interact with those that they do not interact with face to face in their everyday lives. Social networking sites have become, in a way, an extension of the world they live in.
What also makes social networking sites popular is that those who have their own accounts can control what can and cannot be included in their profile. They can customize the settings of their profile, controlling which information can be seen by others. From time to time, social networking sites also introduce changes in their effort to make their site more interactive. They now have timeline covers where users can upload a whatever photo they want as the main photo of their profile. Facebook covers can be personal photos or premade photos that have been made specifically for timeline covers.
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