Thursday, February 2, 2012

Supply Chain Consulting

Logistics is very important to many companies. If you are looking for a logistics consulting company, you should visit Establish, Inc. They have supply chain consultants that are experts in transportation cost reduction strategies and profitability assessment. They can give you a huge competitive advantage by providing long range plans to carry out corporate advantages. This firm can help you with supply chain management, distribution and logistic strategies, transportation, warehousing, profitability assessment, manufacturing engineering, and customer service. All of these services can boost your profits, and improve your overall business. They will be able to help your supplier performance by starting comprehensive performance evaluation programs. This will improve your savings across the enterprise. If you need logistic improvements, you should hire a company that specializes in global management consulting. The experts with over 30 years of experience will be able to help your supply chain functions. The staff are engineers and have many advanced degrees so you know you are getting the best consultants. They use methodologies that are based on quantitative analysis. I was a logistic specialist in the military and was responsible for procuring supplies for F-18 aircraft, P-3 Orion, A-7 Aircraft and C130s. I also worked a little on the U2s. Working with all of these different air crafts gave me a deep understanding on how logistics worked. It was enjoyable being responsible for providing important parts for many different air crafts. For aircraft that were not able to fly due to a part, I was responsible to make sure that we got the part as soon as possible. If the part was back ordered, then I had to call different bases trying to find the location of the part. If you need help with your logistics, you should hire the experts and give Establish, Inc. a call. They will be able to help you.

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