Thursday, March 1, 2012

Employee Handbook & Manuals

Creating and maintaining a great relationship with your employees do not only create a positive working environment but also encourages them to be more productive. Communication is essential. Tell them right away what you expect of them. Know when to give out incentives or when to talk to them when they are doing poorly in their job. A simple word of praise when they have done something that deserves recognition can make a huge difference. Employees on their part should be encouraged to tell you of their concerns. They should be allowed to voice out their concerns through the proper forum.

New employees should be provided with employee handbook sample to help them understand the rules and regulations that are implemented in your company. They should be given the additional training that they need to help them become more efficient.

If you have multiple employees, it would be ideal if you provide them with an employee lounge where they can take their break. It would allow them to rest for a while, take a nap or socialize with other employees. It can help them recharge and take the break that they need to help them function well throughout the day. You can put pieces of furniture such as tables, chairs and lockers where they can safely store their belongings while they work. You can have a certain area of the room where memos, announcements and labor law posters can be placed. It can help them keep updated with new rules and important announcements.

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