Thursday, March 15, 2012

First Date Tips

First impressions are important on the first date. Planning the occasion will go a long way in making the first date highly successful. Dinner followed by the movies remains a winning but clich├ęd approach. Why not think outside the box, add a dash of character and plan the perfect first date?

You should have a general idea of the likes and dislikes of your date as far as possible. Whether you find out through friends or have chatted on about your interests, you should know whether or not a picnic in the park or rock climbing is likely to be a big hit. You only have that ‘first date’ once, so here are a few tips for first dates:
Good first date ideas
First dates should have a good balance of space where you can talk, thereby allowing for sufficient breathing space. Here are some first date ideas for those looking for dates other than activity-based ones:
Shows and local events
Grab some tickets to a comedy show for a light-hearted mood, or choose a local music gig or a sporting event you both enjoy or have never seen. These types of dates are great for everybody – from Christian singles and newlyweds to those celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.

Outdoor activities
An outdoor date could be a great idea, particularly in fine weather.  From a gentle stroll along the esplanade, a hike through the mountains, hitting the water park, paintballing or a spot of night skiing to watching the stars with a telescope – the great outdoors offers a whole bunch of exciting activities for a first date.
Creative classes
Maybe a first date could include getting hands-on and learning a new skill together. Whether it is a ‘paint your own pottery’ class, language class or Asian cooking class, you will both learn something new.  Maybe you can both go out for a meal after class.

Bad first date ideas
Ideas to avoid on your first date are:
  • Meeting the parents
  • Your own place
  • Buffets and messy food restaurants
  • Work events
  • Family functions
What to wear on a first date
Whether it is for a fancy meal or a day of paintballing, dress for the occasion. Let the other party know the occasion is special for you.  Choose an outfit that fits you well and looks good on you – you will feel confident and relaxed.

Keeping the conversation flowing
Showing an interest in your date’s life and activities, from the types of books they read, to their worldly travels and their work, could help you to find a connection. Offering snippets of your life as well could help to make the conversation two-way.

First date top tips
  • Plan ahead
  • Choose an activity
  • Pop your cell on silent
  • Be yourself

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