Saturday, March 31, 2012

Frozen Yogurt for Ice Cream Lovers

frozen yogurt
Health conscious individuals do not have to be deprived of being able to enjoy dessert. They do not have to feel left out when friends talk of spending an afternoon together while eating their favorite dessert. Yogo Factory has made it possible for everyone, health conscious or not, to enjoy frozen yogurt anytime they want. What makes Yogo factory unique is that customers are allowed to design their own dessert. Yogo Factory customers can choose from a rotation of 16 flavors of frozen yogurt or sorbet and an assortment of 100 toppings. Cheesecake, cake batter and fruit and tart flavors are just some of the delicious flavors that customers can choose from. They can add any topping they want including popular candies and pretzels. Then they can top it with an assortment of syrups which can add a unique flavor to their yogurt. They can try different combinations every time they visit Yogo Factory.
toppingsyogurt flavors
Visit Yogo Factory at and see how enjoying your favorite frozen yogurt can become a whole new different experience that can be shared with family and friends
So what are you waiting for? You might want to visit them today for more details.

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