Thursday, March 8, 2012

Network Storage Device

Small and medium enterprises that are looking for a cost effective way for their storage infrastructure needs have found the answer in ISCSI. Internet Small Computer System Interface or ISCSI has been adopted by small and medium businesses mainly because it is the least expensive alternative that will address their storage needs. They have also proven that iscsi storage is easy to install and does need special technical skills for it to be used. ISCSI's storage area network system or SANs are ideal for businesses that need to transmit through traditional networks large amounts of data. ISCSI also allows them to transfer applications from one physical server to another without any kind of disruption. They will not cause any disruption to a scheduled hardware update. Unlike a Fiber Channel infrastructure that is expensive and difficult to install, ISCSI is the most economical network storage device since it can re-use existing infrastructure and they do not have to spend much on the hardware that will be needed. With the many advantages that ISCSI offers, it has become a more practical choice for small and businesses everywhere.
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