Thursday, March 8, 2012


Thanks to Olga Quinn

My husband had to go on a business trip to New York a few months ago and I got to go with him. I had never been to New York, so I was really excited. We went to all different types of restaurants and all of the food was so good. One night we went to a little hole in the wall pizza place, and I have never had pizza that was so good. Ever since we came home from that trip, we have been trying to find a pizza place that has pizza as good as it is in New York. We have not been successful. However, last week a new pizza restaurant opened down the street from us. It says that it is authentic New York pizza. They only do take our or delivery and you can place you orders online. We have SatelliteStar Internet, so I went online and ordered a pizza from the new restaurant. My husband and I were actually impressed with the pizza. It really did taste like the pizza we had in New York. It looks like we found our new regular pizza place.

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