Friday, March 2, 2012

Putters for Sale!

Interested in learning how to play golf? Whether you just want to learn to play golf as a hobby or to be able to play it competitively, you need to learn the basic techniques of the game. Putting is the most important skill that you have to learn in golf. A good putting skill involves a good grip, stance and a good execution or stroke. You must develop a style that you're comfortable and one that will allow you to develop a great putting skill.

If you want to be able to participate in golf tournaments in the future, you can hire a coach that can teach you the basic techniques and help you develop your skills. They can help learn the basics of putting as well as teach you new techniques such as face putting. Face on putting was introduced in the 1960s and developed a few years later. The main idea in face on putting is to create a pure swing to create the accuracy and the distance that is needed. It eliminates any unnecessary body movements. This technique has passed the standards of the USGA which has also issued a letter confirming the legality of the face on putting technique. Several articles and videos are available online that teaches the basics of the technique. You can choose to adapt it if you feel that it will contribute to your game.

Once you are confident that you have learned the basics of golf, you can start playing with your friends at your favorite golf course or participate in your first golf tournament.
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