Saturday, April 21, 2012 Program Options For Compulsive Eating

Some of the program options available from on how to stop compulsive eating.

A lot of people nowadays are burdened with problems concerning their weight. Oftentimes, bad eating habits that have been developed over the years promote overeating and lead to excess weight gain.  
One of the most common eating disorders that could easily lead to overweight problems is compulsive eating or binge eating. People who are compulsive eaters tend to overeat certain types of food and they feel constantly hungry. Aside from these, compulsive eaters often eat whenever they are angry, depressed, or fatigued. Eating has become such a habit for these people that it becomes an activity of leisure whenever they are bored or do not have anything else to do. 
People who suffer from compulsive eating need a lot of help on how to stop compulsive eating and is just the site for them to visit. Learning how to stop binge eating is not easy and it takes a lot of special care and effort to overcome this eating disorder. Below are some of the program options being offered by to help you overcome compulsive eating.
 ·         CD Program. Hungry Heart offers a CD program that will help and guide you in making healthy changes in the way you view food and eating. You will receive 8 audio CDs and a program binder. This program is highly effective because it is designed by people who also suffered from compulsive eating and have successfully overcome it.
·         Individual Phone or Skype Counseling with CD Program. With this option, you will be working with a Hungry Heart counselor on one-on-one basis. You can enjoy a safe, discreet, and confidential environment in your home or office while you go through the program sessions with your Hungry Heart counselor. Your sessions will follow the 8 audio and visual session materials that are contained in the Hungry Heart CD program.
·         Group Chat with CD Program. For those who work better in a group setting, Hungry Heart also offers a group chat option. This program option provides you with access to 2 audio and visual session materials and you can also freely join the Hungry Heart chat rooms where you can meet other people who are also struggling with compulsive eating. You will be able to work together with other members as a team so that you will feel more empowered to make progress in your journey towards healthier eating.
·         Traditional Naturopath Program. For those who prefer a naturopath approach, you will have naturopathic consultations with Renee Love on nutrition, food, nutrient deficiencies, nutrient manipulation, and preventative nutrition. A customized program that will address your personal nutrition and lifestyle will be designed specific to your needs. 

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I have a friend that when she gets angry, yummy foody could slow down her anger..haha