Saturday, June 23, 2012

Interesting and Different Types of Cheesecake National Variations

There are different types and variations of cheese cakes. They are either baked or unbaked. Each type varies by region. Regardless, if you like a baked or unbaked cheesecake, without any doubt, it will still be good.
In the northern part of America, there are different types of recipes for making cheese cakes. Many of these dessert recipes are depending on the region were the cake was originally baked. This dessert cheesy cake is typically made of eggs and cream cheese for smooth surface and richness in taste.
Traditional baking of a cake should be done using a specific tall plan with spring form. This type of pan is often used in restaurants. For those people who want to bake with unique and distinct flavor and texture, they would use cottage cheese and add lemon extract to the cake. Some who are really into sweets would add some sweet taste to these cheese cakes by putting on sweet syrups, chocolate, or strawberry sauce on top of it.
New York Style Cheesecake - This type of creamy cake has been known for its heavy or sour cream ingredient. It is rich in taste, creamy, and smooth consistency. It gives that taste because the sour cream helps make the cheesecake be resilient whenever it needs to be frozen, or kept in the fridge for a while. Most of the time, this type of method are common for cheese cakes that are made be frozen until they are ready to be eaten.
Pennsylvania Style – This type of cheese cakes are slightly unique in a way that it has tangy cheese that has less content of water and is with larger curds. This type of cheese is also considered the farmer's cheese. These yummy cheese cakes are lighter when it comes to its texture, yet is very rich in taste and flavor compared to the New York Style Cheese cakes.
Country Style Cheese Cakes – This type of dessert cheese cake uses mostly buttermilk to make a strong texture while adding acidity in its shelf length.
Lactose-Free Cheese Cakes – By its description, this type of dessert cheese cake is made using a cream cheese that is lactose-free. These are specifically made for a person who needs to eat and need lactose-free food and drink products for health reasons. Aside from lactose-free cheese, there can be nondairy cheese products than be used as an alternative.

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