Monday, July 2, 2012

Planning the Perfect Romantic Dinner Based on Personality

The notion of romance can be a difficult one to grasp. What one person finds heart-flutteringly lovely, another will find gallingly cheesy. The reason for such preferential differences lies in people’s personalities. So, before being overwhelmed by the number of allegedly ‘romantic’ restaurants, play at a little pop psychology to help narrow down the search.

Extroverts love people and love new experiences. Crowded tapas bars, themed restaurants and plenty of chatter are all popular choices. When it comes to finding somewhere romantic, however, extroverts are a little more difficult to satisfy. The best options are those that provide a little external stimulation but still have the romantic setting.
For example, ‘360 Bar & Dining’ at the top of Sydney Tower provides breathtaking views within a stylish and intimate setting. For extroverts dating in Sydney, the ‘Glass Brasserie’ is also a great choice, combining over-the-top elegance with contemporary Australian cuisine. 
Introverts feel overwhelmed by frequent social encounters, preferring instead solitary and often creative pursuits. What energizes the extrovert drains the introvert – so stay away from bustling restaurants. Instead, find a quiet, intimate eatery that will allow the introvert to relax and open up a little.
Restaurants in remote areas are ideal. For example, the ‘Freycinet Lodge’ on Tasmania’s East Coast combines five-star dining in the stunning surrounds of a beautiful national park. Also try any of the restaurants in Port Fairy – Victoria’s best-preserved colonial coastal village.

Intellectuals enjoy the pursuit and acquisition of knowledge. The ideal romantic restaurants for these personality types offer something to keep their mind interested. This might be through a well-thought-out menu, a comprehensive wine list or the choice of d├ęcor.
‘Aubergine’ in the heart of Canberra’s Parliamentary Triangle provides diners with cuisine that has strong European and, particularly French, overtones. History buffs will enjoy dining at ‘Jacques Reymond’ – the restaurant is situated in a renovated Heritage-listed Victorian mansion.
The idealist has a powerful set of personal values that direct the course of their life. This might be a commitment to vegetarianism or to saving the rainforest. A romantic restaurant will therefore be one that recognizes these beliefs.
For vegetarians and healthy eating devotees, the ‘Pepper & Salt Restaurant’  in Scotsdale is the perfect romantic venue. For the eco-minded, the ‘Bloodwood Restaurant & Bar’ in Sydney is a tribute to sustainability – from the reclaimed timber used in its decor to the seasonal menu.
If you’re looking to find love with eHarmony Australia is bursting with singles who use this dating website, and it’s easy to see from their online profiles what type of night out they might enjoy. If you are arranging a first date this way, consult their online profile beforehand and impress them with your good choice. You don’t want to end up taking a vegetarian to a steakhouse!
If you’ve only just started dating someone and you’re not sure of their preferences yet, try somewhere neutral first – nothing too fancy or over the top.

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