Thursday, September 13, 2012

Find Beauty In The Fall With Miracle-Gro!

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I can’t believe that fall is almost here. I honestly don’t feel or see any signs because it’s still super hot here in Central Texas.
Since fall is just around the corner, I’ve been looking around for great ideas of a fall garden project. I cannot wait for the passing of Texas summer heat and add bursts of color and texture to my flower beds and containers.
Aside from spring season, fall is also one of my favorite seasons when it comes to gardening. You might not believe it but fall is the best time for planting in Central Texas.
Anyhow, I have some Fall gardening inspirations already that I grabbed from
 I'm so in love with this fall front porch idea. This truly lighten up your door entry.
Find beauty in the Fall with this variegated croton in saturated shades of green, gold and red surrounded by vibrant mums and pumpkins. Both plants are perennials and can either be brought indoors to weather the winter or, if you live in a warm climate, planted to add color to your landscape. 
This is definitely my ideal project for our walkway and garden paths. The color is so gorgeous and full of life!
I am extremely excited and can't wait to start this project. For more creative inspirations, you should check out Miracle-Gro Facebook page. So what are you waiting for?
Check out this helpful tips:

  • Miracle-Gro® Moisture Control® Potting Mix
  • Miracle-Gro® LiquaFeed® All Purpose Plant Feeding System Starter Kit
  • Miracle-Gro® Garden Soil for Flowers & Vegetables
  • shovel or trowel
  • hose or watering can
  • plants or seedlings
Easy Steps:
  • The Easy Way: Plant Mums and Pansies
  • OR Include Natives in Your Plan
  • Provide a Healthy Home
  • Feed Your Flowers Regularly
  • Water as Needed
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14 diner's comment:

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

i love that walkway bayot, that's my ideal which will remain ideal hehehe meaning it's never gonna happen with our hillbilly front yard and lazy tagbalay. inyo mn siguro ni balay tsang, anha ko diha bi mangayo ko ug buwag ug saha. I used miracle gro sa akong plant nga pinangayo sa MIL, so far buhi pa sila hahaha

marie said...

I'll be lucky if my geraniums make it thru the day Well, if I had enought time to plant them already, anyway! I was smart enough to fill all my hanging baskets and keep them in the sunroom.

Chie said...

Wow, these are great ideas for fall sis. Now I miss my garden in my old house.

Jessica Cassidy said...

Is that your house Momi Dhemz? I love the flowers, so colorful :-) I do not mind if you won't open the door, am good staying outside admiring hoe beautiful the flowers :-)

zoan said...

Beautiful flowers and i realize i really need to sign up for pinterest ;) glad that you still can find the time to grow your own garden;)

Anonymous said...

how beautiful and lovely those flowers are and also the decors, i wish i could do something like this. That miracle-gro might make everything possible. maybe next year will try miracle gro for my next gardening adventure.

Genny said...

Wow inggit mode I so like the flowers in the front porch. How I wish too am lazy person to do it wahhhh...

jheylo said...

look at those lovely flowers? they are gorgeous aren't they? miracle gro works like a miracle indeed. great planting mix

Mel Cole said...

I love the pictures that you took yotch. Mums are so beautiful during Fall.

emzkie said...

this is a very beautiful garden ideas Dhemz! i love mums! its one of my favorite flowers. we have mums in our old house and guess what? my Darn! hubby mowed it! ugh! i was like.. what the heck are you doing!!!! lol! and he just ignore me. hahaha made me feel even worst! hmp. this time im not gonna allow that.

Bless said...

I love the fall garden idea :-) The flowers are just gorgeous. I will try to imitate a doorway such as in your picture if I can :-)

Shela said...

Oh my! what a beautiful flowers! My husband is beside me he likes to fix our yard and he said one of the best product for gardening! :)

Lulu said...

oh my! this is a really beautiful fall garden. I wish I have a pathway like the one in the picture

Ezah/CC said...

I so love flowers and admires people's garden that are very well look after. But I can't be ask doing it myself especially in our fall here that is so cold and windy all the time. Your lucky to get that warm weather even in Fall season so you could still enjoy beautifying your porch and gardens with varieties of fall flowers from Miracle-Gro.