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Top 5 Ultra-Luxury Home Appliances

For many people, appliances play a very important role in streamlining their lifestyle. Appliances can make day to day activities easier, faster, or more pleasant. Home appliances can be categorized three ways. Major appliances, or "white goods", are larger in size and complete some larger task, for example, washing machines, refrigerators, stoves, and clothes dryers. Smaller appliances, or "brown goods" can include coffee machines, alarm clocks, video game consoles, and TV sets. The home appliance industry is vast and caters to a wide range of budgets. As increased customers have demanded higher-end appliances with professional touches or sleek looks, the market has stepped up. Here is a list of the top 5 ultra-luxury home appliances on the market today.
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1. Electrolux Grand Cuisine
Electrolux describes its new range of ultra-luxury cooking centres as having emerged from professional restaurant kitchens into the homes of discerning and avid cooks. It is fully customizable, and offers nine separate elements: an oven which has both convection and steam cooking options, a "blast chiller" which is able to instantly cool hot food items, separate induction and gas cooking tops, a hot plate for searing meats, a vacuum sealer for food storage uses, a standing mixer, and a top-of-the-line ventilation system. Modern technological updates include interactive touchscreens. In addition, an ultra-luxurious commercial-grade Molteni French-style oven is offered as an option. The Grand Cuisine is truly the first ultra-luxury professional system offered to personal homes.

2. Jura IMPRESSA J9 One Touch TFT
This espresso machine is the most expensive one on the market, but that is not what makes it ultra-luxury. It performs better in all qualities than any other espresso machine on the market, and is an absolute must for any true and avid coffee lover. At a touch of a button, the machine can make a variety of coffee and espresso drinks with one button and without any necessary additional actions. Even moving the cup to a separate milk frother is unnecessary as the dispenser has multiple spouts. An outstanding feature that sets this machine above all others is its ability to store whole coffee beans and grind them for each and every single cup (not at the potful). This means each cup is as fresh as it possibly could be. Indulging in such an espresso machine is worth every penny, as it is a true luxury workhorse.

3. Sub-Zero PRO 48 Refrigerator
This is the ultimate luxury refrigerator. Made of 100% sculpted steel, it is built with quality meant to last. Unlike standard refrigerators, it has dual refrigeration, where the freezer and refrigerator has separate compressor sets that are controlled by microprocessors to ensure the proper temperatures. Other features include auto-closing doors that ensure cold does not escape and heat does not creep in. Attractive options like a clear front door make it stand out.

4. Bang & Olufsen Beovision 4-103 Television Set
This premium television is ultra-luxury for the technophiles. It claims to create an ultimate cinema experience right at home. Buyers can choose from 83 or 105 inch plasma screens built with the latest technological advancements like full HD 3D capabilities. This means the visuals on the screen are reproduced in such a way that colours are bright and saturated, and movements are smooth. Aesthetically, the attention to detail in the design of the TV is superb, with a brushed aluminium frame and diamond cut speakers.

5. KitchenAid Architect Series II KBHS109SSS Microwave
This luxury home microwave has many features of commercial-grade industrial kitchen microwaves, all in the compact form and style wanted at home. It features 900 Watts of power with convention capabilities. As a convection oven it produces much better results than the average, traditional microwave. You can steam food without worry thanks to the steam sensor, and the microwave can also keep food warm while waiting to be eaten. Ten power levels mean it can thaw, melt, warm, and soften without problems, allowing the discerning home chef ultimate control over their cooking.

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