Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Vegetarian Healthy Food Options in Indian Cuisine

Indian foods have become so popular all around the world that people crave for it. There are dozens of vegetarian Indian recipes that you can try. If you desire to make dishes in Indian restaurants at home then you can take help of Indian recipe guides. Here we are discussing about some healthy vegetarian Indian cuisines. Remember to keep Indian food spices for preparation of Indian cuisine:
1) Indian Eggplant Stir Fry: This Indian recipe is prepared from broccoli and Eggplant. It is a great combination of vegetable fry. This recipe is vegan as well as vegetarian. It can be served with rice or naan bread.

2) Spicy Potatoes with chilies: This Indian vegetarian cuisine is a great vegan dish. It's tasty to eat in hot and spicy form. If you want to enjoy this Indian food then you can add extra chilies to it.

3) Indian Baigan ka Bharta: This is a pure vegetarian dish. It is prepared from mashed eggplant. You can eat vegetarian Baigan ka Bharta with bread or rice. This Indian vegetarian recipe is vegan. This is one of the most famous Punjabi dishes.

4) Palak Paneer: This is a famous and a hot North Indian cuisine. It is a healthy food. It is flavoured by chefs in a mild way. You can also use vegetables like potato and veggies like cauliflower in place of paneer also known as cheese in English language.

5) Vegan Naan Bread: You can try making the vegan naan recipe at home. This is Indian flat bread that can be eaten with a variety of Indian dishes. Indian restaurants make Nan stuffed with yogurt and butter. If you are preparing any Indian food then you should also add this cuisine to your food menu.

6) Bhindi ki Subji: It is stir fried okra. This vegetarian Indian dish has a great taste. You can eat with parathas (pan fried Indian flat bread) or hot chapattis (Indian flat bread). You can combine Bhindi ki Subji with Rajma and enjoy a nice vegetarian meal.

7) Indian Paneer Cheese: This is grilled cheese. It is a tandoori recipe and is fried with yogurt sauce. Various kinds of tandoori spices are added to Indian paneer cheese. This Indian vegan dish tastes great.

8) Indian Vegetarian Curry: If you like Indian food then you should try Indian vegetarian curry. It is a raw soup made from jicama. Indian vegetarian curry is available in many flavours.

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