Friday, May 24, 2013

Dallas Life

Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes

I love living in Dallas! I was in New Jersey for the longest time and though there are some good things to say about the Garden State, it’s been really nice for me to be down here where the weather’s not so bad. When I first moved down here it was in eth heat of summer last year and that was tough – I had never really experienced humidity like that before. The week after I moved in my AC broke and I had to buy a new one which WASN’T cheap…but someone at work told me about which was good because I could look for the best rate to help offset the cost of the new AC unit. I love my house and it’s actually the first time I’ve owned a home which is nice. It’s walkable to some stuff which is great. I can walk to a coffee shop and there’s a Target near my house and even a place where I can walk the dog around a little lake! One thing I like about it here is how much time people spend outside. I feel like Texas has a really bad reputation for being overweight and inactive but you know, it’s been fun to see how wrong that was. All the people at my office run together twice a week and it seems like everyone and their brother here has a dog. I’m so glad Kujo was able to come with me from New Jersey – when my boyfriend and I first broke up and I decided to take this job here there was a bit of a question about whether or not I’d be able to take him with me. I love that dog so much! I really like Texas but you know, I do miss certain parts about home. I love BBQ but I’m really missing eating a salad at least once a day – that’s harder to do here than it was up north for some reason!

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